About two years ago I met Katie and Ged when I photographed Katie’s sister’s wedding. Before that day I’d met Katie’s Mum, Dad and Sister Lisa and got on well with them all, and Katie and Ged were just as loveable. I felt like I fitted in with this crew. On that day Katie made a little comment “If I get married, I want you there!”




Well, jump forward, and here we are. It was one of those absolutely gorgeous Autumn days where you can see the mist rising in the morning and the colours in the trees didn’t disappoint either! I spent the morning at home with Katie, her ladies, her doting Dad and most importantly, the couple’s beautiful little pet human Darcey. This is a little girl who is a gorgeous miniature copy of her Mum! My second shooter Jemma spent the morning at Luxters and met the almost horizontally laid-back Ged and friends there.


Together these guys are such a team, nothing showy or fussy, but everything just how they liked it. Nachos, Burgers and 200 and something Doughnuts is not everyday wedding food but actually made this wedding feel like a beautiful version of the very best of every day. Kids played under tables, adults sat by the fire, we took a walk in some leaves, and people watched them say I do. It was the wonderful wedding that was theirs.


Thank you, guys. Much love.