Kelly’s sister was a Bride of mine a few years ago, and to mark the start of this chapter of Kelly’s life her Auntie got in touch from all the way in the US to arrange a shoot. It was a total surprise until her baby shower, but man did Kelly get on board! She is one hot Mamma!



We took the first pics in early springtime, March, with very little greenery about and the world just coming out of its shell. I think it even snowed a few days before. But along with Elijah came the summer and the sun! We met up early one morning, about 6am, to catch the very best of the light, because let’s face it, most of us with young kids are already nearly at lunch by then! Kelly’s Sister, Francesca, my Bride turned friend, even came along too with her little one, and we got to really enjoy that summer morning.



It was just what their Auntie wanted, to have some images of her gorgeous girls and their bundles, and thanks to the wonder that is online galleries she gets to share them too.